In shop, you can choose Cougar covers, Warthog covers, Oculus helmet with or without support, screen etc



  • Study all requests, whatever the type of your controllers
  • Buy of a single element possible hotas (on query)
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Followed the design with sending/receiving sms


For orders to the destination in the United Kingdom, please select the country : "Royaume-Uni"

For Australia, choose "Australie"

Philosophy & design

The design of these covers is artisanal. Default selected fabric is black (slightly satin). An eyelet braided wire red is sewn on each sleeve in order to hang your "Remove before flight" or other message.

Artisanal design also means that the time can be approximat.

It is a partenership between among enthusiasts simulation.

Each order will therefore exchanged between us in order to better determine your needs and your desires